Our job “haunts” us at every moment of the day and any occasion can be the right one to draw inspirations or fix that specific moment, from which to then elaborate a concept or idea. In the case of Eggen, the inspiration was born during a trip to Trentino, in the town of Ega precisely, at the foot of Obereggen. Here we were struck by the mastery in working solid wood and the sense of “out of scale” of some furnishing accessories linked to the local artisan tradition.
Eggen offers a line of tables characterized by the tension created at the meeting point between the legs and the top. Precisely here a crushing is generated, a sort of plastic deformation of the two elements which determines the static tension conveyed by the project.

Midj shared our idea, immediately appreciating its intrinsic strength and the technical challenge that it proposed. A challenge that was faced, shared and solved flawlessly, without compromising on the design we proposed. The technical solutions adopted are completely hidden. The table masks any mechanical connection or fixing element, amplifying its perceived magic.

The result is a one-of-a-kind single-material body, where the detail emerges forcefully from the linearity of the pure volumes that surround it.


Table for Midj, 2023