Fabio Damiani and Marco Quistini set up studioPANG in October 2012, based on the shared idea that by combining diverse passions and skill sets, the approach to the project is enriched with new ideas and perspectives. Design, architecture and communication are, first and foremost, opportunities for comparing and contrasting, before being channelled into the project. StudioPANG is a workshop – one that is constantly engaged on researching and developing ideas and projects; an open, dynamic environment that leverages a wealth of different experiences to give rise to a versatile and multi-faceted business.
German Design Award, 2021
Excellent Product Design Furniture Special Mention [Project: Wu Lounge]

Big See, 2020
Wood Design Award [Project: Wu Sideboard]

Ambienta, 2019
Press Choice for the Best Design [Project: Wu Lounge]

Young & Design, 2018
First Prize [Project: Cellula]

Workplace of the Future by Metropolis, 2015
Finalist Project [Project: The Cell]

Atelier of the Future by Fakro, 2014
3rd Prize [Project: Light Box]

Illy City Mug by Desall, 2014
Special Mention [Project: Cities' Noise]

Promosedia International, 2014
Special Mention [Project: Loopy]

OAB Pavillion, 2013
Honorable Mention [Project: OAB Pavillion]

Alpac Design Contest, 2013
Winner [Project: Otto]

Decò Ter Competition, 2012
Winner [Project: Wheely]

Food Design 6.0, 2012
Selected Project [Project: Lov]