studioPANG – Architecture, Design and Graphics

We are studioPANG.
A snugand dynamic italian design firm
based in Bergamoand created by
Fabio Damiani andMarco Quistini.
We deal with product and furniture
design, graphic and art direction,
architecture,interior design and stuff.

Art Direction

Terraforma, 2019

Terraforma is matter and light, photography and design: elements that transport the observer as far as they are able to go. Every page turned is another step in the journey. The surreal atmosphere is at times so dreamlike as to become indescribable.

Furniture Collection

Artisan, 2017

The Wu Collection is a family of solid wood furnitures where the strength of wood meets a really smooth design. Details of joints between the wide seat, the soft legs and the confortable backrest make this family unique and original. These details of the chair are mantained and developed in the whole collection.



Book Shelves

Mogg, 2018

Modular storage units able to give life to a multitude of different faceted combinations, with a geometric character. Crystalline matrix, prismatic shapes and organic lines confer to Cellula a strong recognition, in a constant dialogue where full and empty alternate almost imperceptible, creating a tough union between aesthetics and functionality.

Art Direction

Déco, 2019

Rebranding, styling, catalogues, web site, corporate image and development of promotional merch and gifts.


Déco, 2018

The site covers a total area of ​​5000sqm, of which 1500 are built with offices, common areas, the large showroom, logistics and warehouse. The building is surrounded by greenery and enjoys a large park populated by a diversified presence of multi-centenary tree species. The adopted design choices aim to convey the company values, as well as the business it represents.