studioPANG DESIGN ADVENTURES /2014 - Salone Del Mobile

Invited at our city's fair with a fully branded PANG stand to share with the public a selection of our design works carried out in these two years of work.

15/17-21/23 November 2014

Visitors can find out different products signed by studioPANG: classics such as Wheely (outdoor seat produced by Slide), Cubico (outdoor system produced by Déco) and Otto(8) (bookcase produced by Gloook).. and some fresh news such as Marilyn (colection of lamps produced by Gloook), Tappendolo (cuckoo produced by Pirondini), Maison De Papier (cuckoo produced by Gloook), Goookoo (cuckoo produced by Gloook), Kingpin (preview - wall clock produced by Pirondini) and What (preview - wall clock produced by Pirondini).