FAKRO Prize /2014

International Competition for a vision of a future original atelier: THE LIGHT BOX. [Awarded with3 Prize]

The LIGHT BOX is a place of cultural exchange, residence and production where artists, architects, designers and creatives of all kinds can meet together, work, exchange ideas and converse with society, generating new ideas and giving life to a tangible project for the development and promotion of cultural activity. The contest where the LIGHT BOX is located is not strictly linked to a country. Being in the middle of the sea favourites the meeting of different cultures and the dialogue between artists, young or famous, who can find inside the ateliers a perfect place where share their creative points of views. The project gives life to a deterritorialisation process, an interesting across-political, geographycal and cultural boundaries flow of ideas and creative dialogue that leads to innovative visions, new spaces for new visions.

with arch Silvia Pezzetti and arch Daniele Cremaschi